August 22, 2017
apples v oranges shospec ceilings-LSF-project-quality-shopfitting-light-steel-frame-building-pmb-kzn
It’s no secret that the construction industry likes to do things its own way. We’ve already given you insight into our unique language but there’s also the whole myth about quoting per m2. Most construction companies have a standard method for quoting for projects which is based on a per m2 price. This kind of...
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atasca portuguese restaurant shospec-ceilings-LSF-project-quality-shopfitting-light-steel-frame-building-pmb-kzn-taste-of-Portugal
Yes, that’s right. Pietermaritzburg is now home to Atasca – a Portuguese style restaurant at the Cascades Lifestyle Centre that promises to delight the taste buds with its international flair and flavour. And we have proudly had a hand in bringing this culinary treat to life. Rest assured, we had no part in brainstorming menu...
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bisley valley nature reserve clean up-shospec-ceilings-LSF-project-quality-shopfitting-light-steel-frame-building-pmb
Some of Shospec team recently got their hands dirty – literally – by doing a series of clean-ups in and around the Bisley Valley Nature Reserve. The reserve – a 350ha patch of thornveld situated on the outskirts of Pietermaritzburg – is home to an abundance of wildlife such as giraffe, zebra, impala and a...
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green is the new black carbon-footprint-going-green-shospec-Feature-SA-Buider
The environment has been a talking point for some time now with buzz words like “environmentally-friendly”, “carbon footprint” and “going green” hot on everyone’s lips. This doesn’t just apply to fuel emissions or greenhouse gases; it applies to the construction industry too. In the latest issue of the South African Builder magazine, John Barnard, director...
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