Green is the new black

The environment has been a talking point for some time now with buzz words like “environmentally-friendly”, “carbon footprint” and “going green” hot on everyone’s lips. This doesn’t just apply to fuel emissions or greenhouse gases; it applies to the construction industry too. In the latest issue of the South African Builder magazine, John Barnard, director of the Southern African Light Steel Frame Building Association (SASFA), says sustainability, in terms of building and construction, is governed by three things – social acceptability, affordability and energy efficiency.

You’ll be pleased to know that LSF fully complies with all of this criteria and leads to a reduced carbon footprint – bonus!

Read about the environmental benefits of using LSF on page 19 of the SA Builder magazine and don’t forget to turn the page to read how we are playing our part in ‘greenifying’ the construction landscape.

If you missed the SASFA 10th anniversary supplement, you can read all about it here.