Mezzanine Flooring / Office Extensions

A mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor, in a building, which is partly open to a double-height ceilinged floor below, or which does not extend over the whole floor space of the building. Mezzanines can help to make a high-ceilinged space feel more personal and less vast, while having the added benefit of creating additional floor space. For this reason, industrial mezzanines work well allowing for both temporary and semi- permanent structures.

We at Shospec, are unique in our use of Light Steel Frame (LSF) as opposed to traditional and more costly building materials. The use of LSF also enables unsightly functional elements such as electrical, air-conditioning and data cables and plumbing pipes to be neatly hidden from sight, ensuring not only high-end functionality but also good aesthetics.

The numerous benefits of using LSF knocks the socks off the competition. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose LSF for adding on a mezzanine level to your home/ office/ factory.

1. Weight

Well this one is obvious; light (there’s your clue) steel frame is lighter than any other material, so for buildings with structural foundation “issues”, LSF is your solution. LSF is approximately 10% the weight of building with bricks.

2. Speed

Building with LSF means big savings on time. We can roughly do the a job in 20% of the time compared when using traditional wet materials as there is no need for curing or propping.

3. Confined spaces

LSF has the seriously unique benefit of enabling us to work in “difficult” spaces. Think where large cranes/ concrete trucks cannot get in to, to carry in large pre-cast slabs – LSF offers a solution for construction in inner city spaces.

4. Dry system

LSF construction uses very little to no water whereas conventional construction sites use copious quantities of water; this is not only a win-win for us, but for the fragile environment too.

5. Void for services

Because we construct with lattice girder joists when building with LSF, this creates ideal voids for all those unsightly cables us humans need to survive – aircon pipes, plumbing, electrical and data cables are all neatly tucked away within the “negative spaces” of the light steel joists.