We at Shospec understand that shop fitting is not only about the way a business or building looks; we understand how critical the correct layout for each and every business is. Is it customer-friendly? Is it easy to traverse? Does the space flow well and sensibly? Is it inviting for customers and are they able to easily find/ reach products?

Added to this we understand that every single business has different needs; a bank for example will require modern, sophisticated and customer-centric shop fitting, while an electrician, will be less concerned about the aesthetics, rather focusing on functionality and durability of the layout.

At Shospec, we offer shop fitting for retail, commercial and industrial spaces using the latest advances in dry walling systems, ceilings, fittings and furnishings and specialising in partitioning, shopfronts, bespoke ceilings and complete office renovations – all tailored to the unique requirements of every single type of business. We pride ourselves on our specialist design experience and knowledge, working with only the leading suppliers in the industry.