Where the lions roar (and LSF doesn’t shake)

Our guys have been enjoying a bit of the wilderness themselves, working on a pretty cool renovation job at Ndaka Lodge, which is tucked away in the centre of Nambiti Private Game Reserve, near Ladysmith.

What makes this job slightly unusual is that the main building has an existing thatch roof which we will be working around (or under to be more precise). We’ll be constructing LSF perimeter walls, cladding, ceilings and internal partitions, including an 8.9m high internal wall that divides the dining area and kitchen from the ablutions.

We’re also constructing two tented family units using LSF as the perimeter walls. To the naked eye, it will look like your normal tented chalet so visitors will still be able to brag about “camping in the middle of the African bush” but they can rest assured that when those lions roar right outside the tent walls, there’s a sturdy steel structure keeping them outside where they belong. Ask Martin, he can vouch for it!

As always with LSF, the turn-around time for this job is quick, taking a total of just one and a half months to complete. We wouldn’t blame the guys for coming up with delays, if you know what we mean….. Us South Africans are a lucky bunch to call this place home!