Playing our part

Last month we promised to fill you in on the partitioning work we do, and, well, we’re not ones to disappoint…

You know that schnazzy new Woolworths at the Cascades shopping centre? Ja, we did that. Well, part of it anyway. See what we did there? We did the partitioning people, keep up.During the building phase of the project, we were on and off site over a six-month period but our part (last one, we promise!) of the project was around six weeks’ worth of work in total. Our main job was to add the high-level partition walls to divide the front trading area from the back office. And those feature bulk-heads above the check-out area that you admire every time you’re in the queue are also our doing, as are the bulk-heads in the café. Above the bakery/deli section American Walnut cladding was used for that extra-special finish. This is Woolies after all!

Behind the scenes, partition walls were built to separate the staff canteen from the offices and training room in the back-of-house area.  We also added skirting and bumper rails to the receiving section to prevent the push trolleys from scratching the walls. Here, we used a 200mm wide Marley Pvc Bump rail system , similar to what is used in hospitals to prevent hospital beds from scraping against the walls and causing an unsightly mess.

From Woolworths, we took a short hop, skip and jump across the centre to the fancy new Olive&Oil restaurant where we added a suspended acoustic ceiling with big square bulk-heads that drop-down and a Roman-style cornice. So, the next time you’re in the mood for a sumptuous meal with a great overhead view of the ceiling, treat yo’self to Olive&Oil – the view of bubbling brook outside ain’t half bad either.

Aside from those two recent jobs, we’ve had a long-standing affair with the Cascades centre and played an integral part in its transformation and modernisation over the past five years. As a specialist subcontractor to the main contractor, DTB Contracting, and the developer, Rob Alexander, our work is evident throughout the centre – in many of the shops, walkways, ceilings and of course, in the bulkheads.

And we’re still busy on site working on another new exciting restaurant that is going to bring a truly international flavour to our City. Watch this space for details!