Modify-able spaces for diverse needs

“Make it blue, make it red, make it a pony!” ~ said someone once, somewhere…

Let’s face it, clients of today are always wanting “more”, more from their spaces, more on trend, more bang for their buck and simply just “more”…. Flexible, multi-functional and malleable spaces that can be adapted as needed, revamped time and again, and always without breaking the bank!

Fortunately, there is a quality-guaranteed, modern and adaptable solution – (drum roll please…) Hufcor Movable Walls. Operable partitions that separate the average design solution from the best.

Top 5 benefits of Hufcor Movable Walls:

  1. Maximise or minimise your space quickly and cost-effectively.
  2. Acoustic and non-acoustic partition options
  3. Seamless aesthetics that fit in with your environment and décor style with a wide selection of face covers to suit your style.
  4. Multidimensional movement with Paired, Individual Omni-Directional or Individual Center Stack designs and suspended overhead track systems.
  5. Further adaptability with accessories such as Pass Doors, Pocket Doors and Chalk and Tack Boards.


We are one of the proud authorized installers of Hufcor Movable Walls in KZN – let us adapt your space to suit all and any of your clients’ needs.


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