The seven year itch: Flashbacks to an award-winning build

As proud as we always are of a finished project, especially the calibre of an award-winning one, it’s actually what goes on behind the scenes, the “how” of the incredible engineering that is light steel frame construction, that gets us excited.

The Audi Centre East London, completed in 2013, is one such project, a technically challenging construction endeavour that took us three months to complete and brought home, not one, but two prestigious awards – a South African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) Award and a Master Builders’ Association Excellence in Construction Award. It always feels so damn good when we’re recognized for the talent of our team.

Known as a luxury car brand, the Centre needed to exude the same class and brand-centred features that set the brands’ cars apart from every other car on the road.

We rise to challenges and this project certainly tested our technical abilities to ensure the building exemplified the English translation of their slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik” – “Being Ahead through Technology”.

Here’s a deep look into the modern design requirements that went into making this contract memorable:

  • Interior curved walls (6 to 9 metres high) at precisely 60°.
  • Suspended skimmed and metal pan ceilings.
  • Curved bulkheads to match the angular interior walls.
  • Shadow-line perimeter cornicing for clean, dramatic parallel lines.
  • Light pockets for an illuminated showroom.
  • Curved “UFO” shaped structure with view slots to 1st floor offices.

“This was a top-end motor showroom that came through with flying colours demonstrating the unique attributes of LSFB. In this case, instead of straight and square lines, we were treated to dramatic curves that illustrated the versatility of the product.” – Peter Curr, judge at the 2013 SAISC Awards.

There is no challenge we can’t handle – put us to the test!

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