May 19, 2017
humble abode house-kahler-Shospec-LSF-project-quality-shopfitting-light-steel-frame-building-pmb-kzn
Now it wouldn’t be right if we had built a business on Light Steel Frame (LSF) construction methods but didn’t believe in it enough to use it to build the very rooves over our own heads. Plus, we know people LOVE a good snoop, so we decided to invite you into Bjorn and Hayley’s home...
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team shospec LSF-project-quality-shopfitting-light-steel-frame-building-pmb-kzn
Not officially a Shospec team player yet but part of the Shospec family already is Tarin’s new bundle of joy. Tarin, our long-suffering standing Contracts Administrator and Marketing Manager, gave birth to a healthy baby boy, her second son, on the 9th May at 8:13am. We did suggest Bjorn or Martin as names but Tarin...
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laughing it off jargon-shospec-LSF-project-quality-shopfitting-light-steel-frame-building-pmb-kzn
Those of us in the contracting business have had to become quite good at adopting a sense of humour in the face of frustration and just getting the job done.  The construction industry in SA is particularly unique – we use so much jargon it’s almost like we have developed our own language! If you’ve...
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