Welcome to my humble abode

Now it wouldn’t be right if we had built a business on Light Steel Frame (LSF) construction methods but didn’t believe in it enough to use it to build the very rooves over our own heads. Plus, we know people LOVE a good snoop, so we decided to invite you into Bjorn and Hayley’s home – a 510m2 single-story house situated on the Intaba Ridge eco estate in Bisley.

Built in 2010, we completed this project in just five months and not because Bjorn was cracking the whip but because of the speed building with LSF affords.

Not only does Bjorn get to live in this airy, light and open space, surrounded by wilderness, but this project went on to win Shospec the 2011 Master Builders ‘Excellence in Construction’ Award. Ok, we’ll stop showing off now! Take a look for yourselves – seeing is believing as a wise man once said.