July 15, 2017
lsf south africa-shospec-ceilings-LSF-project-quality-shopfitting-light-steel-frame-building-pmb-SASFA-supplement
Light Steel Frame construction hasn’t been around Afrique du Sud for all too long and we’re very proud to have been one of the leading pioneers in promoting it as a building method when it was first introduced to our shores. The Southern Africa Light Steel Frame Association (SASFA) is celebrating its 10th anniversary this...
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tuk-tuk tukking through africa Shospec-LSF-project-quality-shopfitting-light-steel-frame-building-pmb-kzn
Three young guys – Cal, Willie and Caden of the Barefoot Adventurers Club set off on a journey of a lifetime last week, all in aid of conservation in Africa. Shospec is one of the proud sponsors of this wild expedition, which will see the guys cover over 7000km’s through a minimum of six African...
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