Emergency services

During lockdown, our teams have been in the throes of constructing emergency support structures for new quarantine facilities at various hospitals across KZN using our proven LSF building techniques.

“We have under our belt the experience of working with the KZN Department of Health; in 2018/2019, we constructed an entire facility, the Town Hill Office Park, within record time thanks to the unique benefits of building with LSF.

We are prepared to do everything within our means to support our nation’s Health Department and other industries, in creating necessary support facilities that can assist our crisis management workers,” says Bjorn Kahler, CEO of Shospec.


Images taken of the essential services work we have been busy with during lockdown, ensuring the fast construction of undisclosed emergency facilities across KZN.

As specialists in ceilings, partitioning and drywalls, we have also designed and installed custom partitioning systems for the office blocks, wards and other areas of these hospitals, to suit their needs and specialized design requirements.

emergency-drywalling-at-KZN-hospitals emergency-drywalling-installation-at-KZN-hospitals

emergency-partitions-installed-at-KZN-hospitals emergency-installation-of-partitions-at-KZN-hospitals

With extensive experience installing a variety of drywalls and ceilings, we have tackled a significant range of design and system requirements, as well as the challenges that come with them, and therefore are fully equipped and prepared to deliver emergency construction solutions. Shospec has the relevant permits and supply chain back up for emergency material supplies.

For the final touches, we used Spänl metal cladding and siding systems, particularly their Antique Brick panels, to match the look and feel of the existing buildings.


For further information, get in touch with us on admin@shopsec.co.za.


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