Preparedness is the order of the day

Tough times call for innovation, for adaptation and for harnessing opportunities; for team Shospec in this unprecedented time in our history, the unparalleled advantages of building with Light Steel Frame (LSF), drywalling and ceiling interior construction systems, have truly come to fore. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it to KZN a demand for the upgrading and construction, at high speed, of durable support structures for both the healthcare and housing industries – and it is LSF which has been able to answer this call.

5 reasons why LSF is the ideal building solution for pandemic relief

  1. High speed: With no need for curing or propping, LSF requires 40% less construction time than when using traditional wet materials.
  2. Light weight: As the name suggests, LSF is approximately 10% the weight of building with bricks, making it suitable for buildings with all degrees of “structural foundation health.”
  3. Adaptability: LSF offers a solution for construction in inner city spaces where large cranes/ concrete trucks, carrying large pre-cast slabs, cannot access.
  4. Dry systems: Unlike conventional construction sites that use copious quantities of water, LSF construction uses very little to no water at all.
  5. Flexibility: LSF is constructed with wall panels, trusses and lattice girder joists that create ideal voids suited for hiding unsightly aircon pipes, plumbing, electrical, data cables etc. All wall studs are pre-punched for service pipes.

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