Bonjour House Wolhuter

We would like to introduce you to House Wolhuter, a new home we are in the process of building out of Light Steel Frame (LSF) in PMB’s latest place-to-be Hilton. Built on a smallholding, the project started in November last year on a site that required us to dabble into the earth-moving game – but we survived to tell the tale.

The welcome rains of November and December left us, well, a little drenched (wink) making access for our very big trucks and the laying of foundations and concrete works a bit difficult to say the least. However, nothing could be done to dampen (see what we did there) our spirits and we got on with cracking the whip with the steel works, which included the house and roof, being erected in just 8 days. Read that again, just 8 days! And you wonder why we go on and on about speed being one of the benefits of LSF.

The job continued in January, after a much-needed break over December, with the roofing, wall cladding, and plumbing being completed. We are currently fitting external doors and windows and will be happy to show you the completed project soon. Watch this space!