A “Speedy” end to an era

Ha! I bet you thought we were on about our ex-president, didn’t you? Nope, we’re talking about the very friendly face in the office responsible for a bit of admin, marketing and everything else in-between, Tarin Maddocks.

Tarin is leaving our team at the end of February after being with us for six years. Tarin started with us in May 2012 as a Projects Administrator and has since grown within the company, responsible for managing marketing and a broad spectrum of administrative duties.

So where to from here… well you know how sometimes you rush out the door on a busy morning, shut it behind you, leaving your house keys locked

inside? Who do you call? Ghostbusters? No, Speedy Locksmith of course! Tarin will be gradually working her way into taking over the family run business established by her grandad in 1980 based in Pietermaritzburg’s CBD! We wish Tarin the very best of luck on her new venture and appreciate everything she has done for the company over the past 6 years. With big shoes to fill, the new friendly voice and face you’ll hear and see will be that of Falan Bestel.