Size doesn’t count…

An 80-year old house set in an established Durban suburb was transformed into a double-story masterpiece, showcasing how Light Steel Frame (LSF) can be used to enhance an existing structure in a short space of time and with minimal noise, mess and disruption.

Although one of our smaller projects, the first-floor extension, totaling 168m2, including balconies, will take three months to complete. Whilst light on the old foundations, the LSF structure was strong enough to support a natural stone floor. The LSF frame also allowed for the use of extraordinary large windows to flood the space with light, open up the view to sky and sea and permit a free flow of air to counter Durban’s humidity. And, in an area where wood borer is a problem, the resilience of LSF to degenerative effects such as borer, termites and wood rot was an added bonus.

Not only did using LSF allow us to meet the client’s brief, it also proved to be an intelligent solution to the many challenges that extensions of this nature present without compromising on style and functionality.