Tee-ing off with House Boardman

This beautiful, double story family home can be found in the town of Ladysmith – complete with four bedrooms, an office, triple garage, TV lounge, entertainment area and… wait for it…. a back yard that is a bona-fide golf course! YES! You read that correctly! And no this does not belong to Gary Player. Say hello to House Boardman. With a shotgun start (oohh we just couldn’t help ourselves) the project began on 7th February and is due to be completed later this month. Ladysmith Construction, who is the main contractor, called us in to raise the roof and install 450m2 of Suspended Flush Plastered ceilings and a little Gypsum cladding – for those of you who do not speak contractor, gypsum board is often referred to as drywall, wallboard, or plasterboard.

Mrs. Boardman is so impressed by our work that she has even invited Martin and co to join her for a round of golf! Swing away boys, swing away.